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Scenic flying in the heart of New Zealand

Lake Heron Air boasts a prime, central location in the South Island of New Zealand. This gives guests the opportune starting point for scenic flights to any number of incredible spots. 

Offering scenic flight options for 2-4 people. Flights can be tailor-made or choose from the following;

Station Peaks and Valleys

Here the benefits of flying with a local come to the fore - on this flight you will discover our seldom visited local mountains and glaciers. Although these mountains aren't as famous as our neighbours to the south, they are every bit as dramatic and are imbued with the history of generations of high country stations and early explorers.


  • Lake Heron Station

  • High country stations of the Rakaia Gorge

  • The glaciated peaks of the Arrowsmith Range and Main Divide

  • Braided river valleys of the Upper Rakaia and Rangitata catchments

  • Mt. Sunday (the site of Edoras in The Lord of the Rings)

"Wonderful to see the property from the air thanks to Philip's great flying skills"

"A great respite from the woes of the world [...] scenery is spectacular [...] one of us has been before, and the other is now very impressed with the Canterbury High Country"


40 minute flight.

$325 pp (3-4 people)

$485 pp (2 people)

The Icefields
Gardens of Eden and Allah

The evocatively named ice fields of the Gardens of Eden and Allah are the result of years of snow build up. The sheer vastness and difficulty of the terrain was a challenge for early explorers attempting to find passage from the east to the west coast of the South Island. This inhospitable area can be truly appreciated from the air as guests take in the full 15km stretch of the ice plateaus. The Warrior, Battle-axe, Satan's Saddle, and The Great Unknown, are appropriately named landscape features in this remote wilderness and convey the struggles that early explorers faced.


  • Lake Heron Station

  • Braided river valleys of the Rakaia and Rangitata catchments 

  • Arrowsmith Range

  • Gardens of Eden and Allah 

  • Mountains of the Main Divide

"A magical part of NZ. A big thank you to Philip for our amazing flight through the mountains... just awesome for me as this was my first time in a Cessna."

"Stunning in every respect"

50 minute flight.

$395 pp (3-4 people)

$590 pp (2 people)

Aoraki/Mt Cook, Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers

As you leave Lake Heron Station, the extent of New Zealand's mountain wilderness becomes apparent. This flight takes you south over a succession of mountains, glaciers and deep gorges, to Aoraki National Park. The cloud piercer Aoraki/Mt. Cook is a dominant feature of this flight. The entire journey is filled with non-stop incredible mountain scenery.


  • Mt. Cook/Aoraki

  • Franz Jospeh glacier

  • Fox glacier

  • East coast river valleys

  • Mt. Sunday (the site of Edoras in The Lord of the Rings)

"Philip took us into the air with his plane and showed us the mountains, glaciers, valleys, east coast and around Mt. Cook, all in sunshine. Feeling blessed"

"Fabulous views"

70 minute flight.

$475 pp (3-4 people)

$710 pp (2 people)

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